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Cloud Backup using TCT in Spectrum Virtualize V7.8.0

Hello, I am going to talk about the star feature of Spectrum Virtualise V7.8 Release and it is Transparent Cloud Tiering. It is abbreviated as TCT. This name is shared with other Spectrum family of products like Spectrum Scale. Spectrum
Scale introduced TCT in their latest release 4.2.1

Coming back to Block Storage world, TCT in Spectrum Virtualize enables customers to now take backups onto cloud in terms of Point in time Flashcopy snapshots. Virtual disks can now be backed onto various cloud providers supported in this release 1.

For first release, support is on 3 Cloud Accounts:
1. Amazon S3
2. IBM Softlayer
3. Open Stack Swift

The first 2 are public clouds while third one is configured as a On premise private cloud.


Cloud Backups are supported on following hardware level:

  • DH8
  • SV1
  • V9000
  • V7000 Gen 2

These backups are going to happen from Configuration Node of the cluster and over management IP.

This backup is point in time snapshot and can be easily restored onto the same production volume or onto another virtual disk of admin’s choice.


Steps to Take backup:

1. Select a volume for backup. Note down the UID of this vdisk.

2. Create a DNS server and create a cloud account on Amazon S3.

3. Enable cloud backup onto this volume.

This would create 2 internal flashcopy disks as visible under “svcinfo lsvdisk” and under “svcinfo lsfcmap”. These copies would not be visible in GUI.

4. Start backup and check progress

5. Once backup is completed, generation is visible in cloud and details can be seen in Cluster GUI.

Here before data gets uploaded to cloud, it is compressed in-line and encrypted before it leaves SVC/ Storwize system and sent over the wire.


Steps to do restore of backups:

1. Check which generations are visible for a particular volume in cloud

2. Select a generation to restore from.

3. Select a volume and start restoring this generation on it. Check its progress:

Now restore is completed.

Important things to note: Starting release V7.8, a new encryption method of SKLM – Secure Key Life Manager is introduced for IBM Spectrum Virtualize which is going to store cluster keys securely on a secured network key server. Till V7.7, only method available to user was to use USB drives with secret keys to encrypt and decrypt the data.

Data backup in cloud is supported both with SKLM and with USB encryption.

PS: All these thoughts are mine and are not necessarily reflect that of my employer.