Am I getting overcharged on using Cloud ?

When you are putting data onto cloud, what all would you think ?

1. How long is it going to take ?
2. How safe it is ?
3. How much would be cost savings ?
4. Will I be able to get this data back ?

Safety aspect of the data is covered under my another blog, and here I am sharing my thoughts on validating the cost savings.

These are few ways cloud providers charge on the backup or restore(data retrieval) operation:
1. Amount of storage being used for the backup
2. Amount of transactions i.e No. of get and put operations
3. No charge for backup but only charge for data retrieval

Eg., Pricing Links for Amazon:
For IBM SoftLayer –

IBM Spectrum Virtualize 7.8, which supports Cloud Backup on Amazon S3, IBM SoftLayer and Open Stack Swift with recently introduced Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT),  provides following data points for you to validate or estimate your data consumption:

  • Amount of data uploaded
  • No. of successful PUT and GET operations
  • Total amount of bytes and blocks downloaded and transferred to cloud
  • Total no. of blocks uploaded


All these parameters are inside the usual Vdisk (Nv*) and Node (Nn*) stats of the configuration node files of your cluster and can be retrieved from them for reference.
There are many other parameters like failed operations counter, backup and download latencies, retries counters etc. which also gets recorded in these files.

There are few other newly introduced CLI’s which show cloud usage:

  • svcinfo lscloudaccountusage – This shows total cloudaccount usage by the cluster
  • svcinfo lsvolumebackup – This shows how much backup is done for every single volume in cloud
  • svcinfo lsvolumebackupprogress – This shows backup time and current progress of the backup for all the volumes
  • svcinfo lsvolumerestoreprogress – This shows restore operation progress for all the volumes

I am not covering the new CLI list exhaustively but there are many more mentioned in Knowledge center.
With careful analysis and by using a small script, monthly usage calculation can be done and bill can be estimated for the particular service provider.

PS: These are my personal thoughts and they may or may not match with my employer.


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