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MS-ODX implementation with IBM Storwize – Part 2

Hi, here is Part-2 of Microsoft Offload Data Transfer (MS-ODX) Description and continuation from Part-1 posted earlier –

Just a quick summary: IBM Spectrum Virtualize range of products – SVC, Storwize now supports MSODX feature starting release 7.5.0. This feature is for offloading data from one volume to another volume within a storage controller array itself without it being first transferred to host, saving both host CPU cycles and network bandwidth.

Since we did lot of case studies and performance measurements, I with my colleague from ISV team in US thought of creating a whitepaper for the same and last month we could publish it.  You can find it here:

This is covering both basics as well as few case studies. It also talks about performance improvements we may expect to see with MSODX enablement.

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